End of the Challenge


End of the Challenge

The end of the challenge has come. Pictures will be posted tomorrow and each of the participants will be given four tickets. The categories are newbie man, newbie woman, veteran man and veteran woman. Each participant will vote by writing the corresponding assigned number for each person they select on the ticket and depositing it in the ballot box. The criteria should be based simply on the most improvement regarding visual fat loss. These results will be combined with the number of points accumulated from the food logs.

The votes will be counted for each category on Sunday morning and the winners will be announced at the barbecue on Sunday afternoon. The barbecue will be held at the gym at 3:00 and will be a pot-luck event. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The challenge has produced some dramatic results which is not unusual. I hope everyone who participated had a positive learning experience.

Thanks to Nicolette for reviewing and commenting on the majority of food logs each week and in some cases each day. And thanks to Penny for spending nearly two full days creating the voting pics on PowerPoint.