End of a Challenging Week


End of a Challenging Week

The past week was pretty challenging with all the new stuff I learned at the certs. I promise you it doesn't stop there. To finish off the week, we did a pretty tough workout consisting of moves we haven't done very often or not at all. The bench press, shovels, turkish get ups, burpies the correct way were the fare.

We also had a couple of friends visit who have a strong backgraound in martial arts. I thought it fitting to throw Fight Gone Bad at them and a few of our other athletes. And so it was, Brian, Brandon, Nicole, Mark and Ryan did the deed, a few pics:

Crossfit 043 

Crossfit 044   

Crossfit 045 

Crossfit 046   

The Results:

Crossfit 047 

Again it was great to see old timers and newcomers work so hard all week!  Thank You!