Early Morning Monday


Early Morning Monday

6 am comes pretty early but most of us made it. Teddy, Seth, Lindsey, Nicole, Claudia and I braved the early morning for some max effort work. We rowed 500 meters followed by max pullups in 1 minute, then 500 meters and max situps, 500 meters and max push ups and finally 500 meters and max squats.

As you can see from the schedule on the left, CFCV is dark for Tuesday and then back at it for 9:00 on on Wednesday. Enjoy your rest day(s).

4 Responses

  1. Nicole

    Everything you do is very good. L-sits are freakin hard so practice makes perfect right? The foot drill is differnet. I do notice I have a little more flexability and my calfs hurt. So I really think it is working for me. Everyday is differnt some harder then others. I really think we all need to start streching aliitle more to get more fexiblity.

  2. Ron

    Thanks for the compliment Nicole and yes L sits are hard but will become doable with practice. I am experiencing the same thing from the foot drills. I notice a little more ankle flexibility and strength. we’ll see how the knees imorove in the long term. I agree on the stretching, and there’s a fine line between having enough time to complete the WOD and provide time to stretch well enough. Should I shorten the workouts to provide time at the end? Lots of other affiliates do this and I think its wise but I want to make sure everyone gets their just deserve. Bueller?

  3. Seth

    I agree that the stretching should be done, but that we don’t always have enough time. I am not opposed to shorter workouts to allow stretching and the foot drill. I enjoy all of the things we do, especially the ring exercises.
    I liked it back in the old new box when we chose a skill/exercise to practice. And then learning progression movements to accomplish such exercises.

  4. Jared

    I like the stretching as well, especially since this is a weak spot for me specifically. The only problem is time it seems, since many of us during the middle part of the day are working out during our lunch break, which is typically an hour. So it may be difficult to fit everything in.
    All in all, I love the pain you dish out. Keep it up.