Duty Day #1


Duty Day #1

OOPS! Wrong Button

On this the first day of my duty tour (48 hours) I did a kettlebell workout by myself at station 1. Seems as though everyone had something going on so:

5 KB snatches each hand (16 kg)

5 KB swings each hand (20 kg)

10 KB squats each hand (20 kg)

10 super planks

Rest 60 seconds

5 rounds

Followed by 20 kg cleans and presses as well as snatches for practice. Then off to Leadership class by Chief Carlini.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Also on duty but at a different station than Chief. WOD for me:
    400m stairs (can’t run)
    45lb sumo deadlift high 15 reps
    45lb thruster 15 reps
    3 times thru
    lost track of time as I went right to cleaning out our supply and maintenance closets with the crew…

  2. Ron

    Great to actually get a comment!!! Thanks Heidi. Heidi is one of the beneficiaries of CrossFit and our system at the Fire District. She has come a long way again, maybe she’ll share her story someday.
    Thanks again Heidi!