Dubious Honor


Dubious Honor

Being the owner/operator of a CrossFit affiliate is indeed a great thing. I have witnessed the transformation of a number of folks over the past 10 or 11 months. This includes not only the regulars of CFCV but the East Fork Fire District as well. Make no mistake, I do not take credit for all the improvements, for motivation comes from within and is only kindled from time to time by an outside source.

The honor I speak of however is the reporting of milestones and improvements via entries in this blog. It was mentioned to me today on two occasions that I am perhaps guilty of media hype in this blog. It seems that I mention the improvements of a small number of people and predominately show pictures of those that are more photogenic and working their asses off (sweating profusely). These practices may in fact turn other members off as well as scare potential members away. Rest assured, although guilty as charged, there is no forethought or malice. With this in mind I offer the following, which are picture of other folks who are absolutely working their asses off doing a great job but are not the usual, or are they?DSC00058 

Great push ups Sarah!!