Disaster at CFCV


Disaster at CFCV

While at a conference in SoCal, I got the news there was a water leak under the slab of the building that needed to be fixed. And so it was, the construction crews came in and wrecked shop. They covered everything in concrete dust and thanks to some hard work by Shalene, Janeen, Denny and Tracy the equipment was spared. Upon my return we worked pretty hard to get things cleaned up and I think we were successful. When we move to the new building the real deep cleaning will commense.

I want to thank everyone for working so hard at the workouts while I was gone and of course thanks to Claudia and Shalene for covering too! See you next week for more fun and maybe a game or two.

By the way, great job by Seth on Friday pulling off 5 muscle ups in a row. Time for 30 for time?

2 Responses

  1. Seth

    5 seem kind of tough. I don’t know about 30 in a row for time. I could be there for 30-40 agonizing minutes. It sounds like a new goal I should set.

  2. Ron

    I know you can do it and it is a CF WOD. Working up to it still might be the best course of action. I have some other ideas as well.