December 14th


December 14th

Moving closer to the holiday and of course the end of the challenge. Believe it or not I also have projects like shopping, decorations etc. going on just like you. So once again I warn that if I am not expecting someone for class, I probably won't be at the gym. Some found that out on Thursday and Friday at 2:30. And just because you text me 20 min before isn't going to guarantee presence. Occasionally I plan ahead at least a couple of hours anyway.

On-ramp plans are in the making for January. I have 3 folks that have expressed an interest and more talking. I will be putting the schedule together soon but the first day will probably be 1/3. I don't anticipate running an on-ramp every month during 2011 and the plan is to have the next one in March. Although more members might seem like the right thing to do I want ot focus on the "right" members as opposed to numbers. We have great base of members/athletes now and I'm interested in adding only those that want to make progress towards their goals. There are other gyms in town that might be a better fit for some and I hear that Anytime Fitness is opening up shop soon. However if you really want to be a part of the CFCV family we will work hard to make it happen.

There's a great new blog post on Whole9 about their inclusion of Dutch Lowy in their program. Read it and see if it srtikes a bell.

I neglected to post a pic of the 5:30 folks from Friday:


And the board:


The class scheduled for this Saturday the 18th will probably be cancelled. Rachael has had something come up and I am scheduled to work an extra shift at the Fork. I have removed it from the blog schedule and will pass on any changes.




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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    After reading Dutchs interview on the whole 9 I have to give you props Ron. Your programming is fantastic! You put so much time and effort into your gym and workouts….To make all of us strong and healthy. I see folks in the gym getting so strong hitting prs that they cant believe and it all comes back to you Ron its your programming that is making all of us stronger. Every single person today lifted there max front squat or more than there max front squat….4 rds x 3. There were some happy people and once again its all in the programming. Thank you Ron

  2. Ron Haskins

    Thanks for the props Nicole but my purpose of pointing out the interview is that there is a reason for the programming being the way it is. We’re 4 years into this and for the first 2 we beat people up. Thanks to Dutch, Robb Wolf, Andy Deas, C.J. Martin, Mike Burgener, the Everett’s and a host of other top notch coaches we are headed in the right direction, I think.
    And nothing makes me happier than to see folks get stronger, faster and reach their goals.

  3. Claudia

    Yes, I am part of the first 2 years of those that got “beat up” but I have been back since July and have seen more growth this time around then last…so it is definitely working, thanks Ron! Bummed about no class Saturday, I could actually have come but that’s okay, I will go to yoga instead!! Have a great weekend all 🙂