Deadlifts then Helen


Deadlifts then Helen

The morning crowd weren’t able to show today due to illness and an inconvenient thing called work. When Jared and Janeen stopped in they were greeted by a full morning of inside improvements that will be unveiled when finished. After their warmup we discussed the deadlift and then they got some practice lifts in. Jared took well to the move and Janeen will do fine.

As it has been awhile for Caleb, Shalene and Ethan to do battle with Helen and I thought it important for them to have an opportunity to gauge improvement. And they did:Dsc01192

Sorry the picture is crummy, but its late. Anyway, as you can see this is Seth’s first attempt and its notable that he did the first two rounds of pullups without a band. You can also see marked improvement in the other three’s times and weights, bands etc.

This is the new board I mounted and of course it will be lined and neatly kept and the efforts of the other players will be recorded.