Deadlifts at CFCV


Deadlifts at CFCV

Couldn’t think of a more appropriate workout for all that came to CFCV today than deadlifts. It all started with Carrie and I at 08:00 and ended with Mike, Caleb, Seth and Ethan this evening; Here are the numbers:Dsc01175

I plan on adding more interviews and articles as they come along like the Jason C. Brown interview. At this point, I am trying to make them appear in the links/interviews category and not be a main blog entry. We’ll see how that goes.

2 Responses

  1. carrie Richardson

    What a workout! That was a sneaky one. My entire body was sore and tired last night! I went to kickboxing this morning and despite my soreness, I had one of my best cardiovascular days ever. When people were doing double time kicks on the bag, I was doing jumpkicks. I was never completely winded either. In the 6 weeks that I have been doing crossfit, my cardio endurance has increased tenfold. I feel like I have discovered a gem of a workout program. I am impressed. Thank you Ron!

  2. Ron

    Carrie: your effort is really what makes the program. I too have seen incredible results in my mototcross riding and virtually all other sports I participate in. I can’t wait to the improvement in downhill skiing this Sunday. It has been a pleasure working with you and all the members of CFCV as you are all making this work for US.