Crazy Ass Helen


Crazy Ass Helen

Been awhile so we went after her today. There were several pr's and a few first timers. All in all, good results and Jim killed it in the evening chill. With all the talk lately about timed workouts vs form I think this was an important time to do Helen. It's no secret that CFCV coaches require good movement/full range of motion and the point is good times and good/full range can co-exist. Also worth noting is I too do not believe timed workouts all the time are necessarily a good thing. Done too often there is a tendency for shitty movement. Make sense?

The other point worth mentioning is my excitement about people (for the most part) not losing the ability put put a whollop on Helen while we continue down the increasing strength path. Which is why I wnated to experiment with Helen today.

The other good news is that now Rachael can do Saturday again. I have re-aded it to the schedule but there doesn't seem to be much interest. Make sure you sign up or let her know if you want to be there.

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