Every once in awhile I come up with some crazy ideas, like opening a CrossFit gym, MX racing, SUP, etc.. Today I had one of those and it is:

Wednesday's 9:00 WOD will be changed to 8:00 and we'll meet at Reagan beach in South Lake. Several of you have expressed an interest in trying stand up paddleboarding. So let's do it Wednesday at 8:00. I will bring our 3 boards and I have talked with the guy at the lake that sells/rents them and he will meet us there with 3 more. It's my understanding that his boards will be available as demos for awhile. The great thing about the venue is it is easy to get to and once in the water it is shallow so there is no risk of getting in past your waste unless you paddle way out. The paddle to the keys and back is about 6 miles if you go all the way and is a great workout and is uber fun. If more than 5 of you show we can do it a couple of times/switch boards etc. and we don't have to go that distance.

I realize that midweek at 8:00 is tough for lots that also want to try it but we'll also do it on a weekend in the near future if there's interest. Or maybe in the evening at Topaz once the f****** mosquitoes go away. Let me know what you think and if you're in….

Incidently, the barbell club will be Monday and Wednesday nights this week.

3 Responses

  1. Janae

    I totally want to do it, so when you are up for a weekday late afternoon or evening or a weekend, let me know! Labor Day???

  2. Carrie McGill

    Me too! I was feeling a cough coming on until I read on to see that you might be able to do an evening or a weekend. Count me in for a weekend!