To two different important events. We have a few stragglers for the Spring Leaning and remember Friday midnight is the kickoff. I will be back from class early and plan to be the the gym all afternoon for those that still need pics. Penny will be there from 4:30 or so on so if you're a gal and shy, she can take care of it. Its not really rocket science so if you're there and want the pic taken, I can show someone of a like gender how to work the camera. Whatever…..

I see Dutch posted on his blog that he would be at CFCV next week. I am certainly excited for the opportunity. I am also shocked that more fire departments haven't taken advantage of this opportunity. This means a few more spots are available to outsiders. A couple of members have expressed an interest so lets make it happen. I also extended an invitation to Battleborn and Lake Tahoe but haven't heard back.

Sam from Washington was back on Monday and I'm guessing has returned home. It was a pleasure having her here.

The on ramp is going well, 6 folks are still hangin in there. It was also cool to be outside again in the beautiful weather even if was to run……