The CrossFit Games are coming up this weekend in Aromas Calif. Should be quite a spectacle and I would like to go but at this point not sure we can afford it. I was  hoping there was some interest in watching Every Second Counts with some of the CFCVers Saturday but everyone seems to be busy. It's that time of year.

The other countdown is the Dutch Lowy July challenge. Today we did the baseline workout from which we will build upon for another strong finish towards the end of the month. The folks at CFCV have come a long way and continue to impress me with their effort and dedication.

After the trip to Wild Island this past Friday, it was refreshing to see adults and kids at CFCV who are working on improving their health through fitness. I was taken aback by the amount of fat people young and old that just kept taking trips to the snack bar for more shitty food. It's no wonder our health care system is such a wreck.

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  1. Claudia

    It almost seems that thin people are becoming the minority, it is very sad. I have to stop people watching, it is too depressing and disgusting.
    Over and out from a confessed food snob!