Continued Improvements


Continued Improvements

Every day CFCV gets a little better. Today there were more stall mats added, wireless internet access and a few more odds and ends. There has been more new equipment ordered and we may even see a sign in the next few days. Telephone service to the gym will be installed on Thursday taking us one step further to being official.

Today's workout consisted of 2 12 minute rounds of three exercises. The first being 10 KB push presses right and left followed by 20 air squats, then 10 evil wheels. We then took a 2 minute rest and started in for another 12 minute round of 10 r and l lunges, 10 push ups and 20 kb swings. There were variations on some of the exercises and as you can imagine there were varying numbers of sets within rounds. Bottom line is Claudia owned it and Nicole was right on her heels. Everyone else put in a good effort as well.

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  1. Claudia

    Thanks for mentioning my effort, I was pleased with my performance too! Maybe next time I will force myself to do the push ups on the ball like you did!!