The CFCV Spring Leaning Challenge was ended today with posting of before and after pictures, voting and followed by a pot luck. Over the past 7 weeks a good majority of CFCV members participated in the event by having before pictures taken, posting weekly food logs (or presenting me with them) and having after pictures taken. The focus was on eating Paleo, and visual changes in the participant's bodies as documented by the pictures. The final vote was casted by the participants and the winners are Rachael Washington and Andrew Davis. Although Rachael and Andrew walked away with the cash, I hope that all will have a life changing result by changing the way we fuel our bodies. I could go on and on and probably will, but want to recognize Rachael and Andrew for their belief in the process and their tenacity.


I will have to post the before and after pictures in a separate post as I miscalculated how to make it work. It was a pleasure to hand over $420.00 to Rachael and $180.00 to Andrew. Great job to you and all that participated. We'll do it again soon, probably following the Whole9 workshop.

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  1. Ken

    Hey it’s the new guy here, Ken 🙂
    Good job on the paleo challenge everyone, congrats to the winners!
    Check out my old crossfit gym’s website there’s a WOD there today in honour of a fallen Canadian Soldier from my home town. I was gonna do that WOD today in his honour at 2:30