Once again, some big pr's last month especially considering the opportunities to do so:


It is awesome how after so long people continue to improve in all areas.

We are moving forward with resurrecting our CrossFit Kids program. I am happy to announce that Rhonda and Dustin are heading to the CF Kids cert mid November and then their level I in Decemeber. We are working on the details but anticipate that they will be operating the CFK program in the same manner as the bootcamps are done with Carrie, Nicolette and Rachael. At this point, January appears to be the time frame for the CFK startup. We need commitments from parents to move the CFK program forward.

In December Chris and Blaine are attending the Level I cert in Reno. I look forward to having them on our coaching team!

As we move towards the holidays there will be some sketchiness in the schedule. For instance as of now Friday's schedule (11/9 only) looks bleek. I am on duty and Rachael is heading out of town for a few days. Nicolette will do the 6 am and as of this posting the remainder of the day's classes are uncovered. That may change but consider keeping an eye on the blog's schedule. I update it as much as possible. Know that the last thing I ever want to do is cancel classes but sometimes it is unavoidable.

It's good to see some of the missing faces back in the gym as well as some new ones. Cindy reappeared yesterday, Dave and Lori are moving forward in their onramp and Robert is dropping in from his new home in Walnut Creek. I see that Ken is back in town but we haven't seen him, Bueller! Gill has finished his onramp and is attending regular classes and we have another 2 newbies, John and Emily.

Yesterday's WOD was actually a CF girl benchmark in disguise "Elizabeth". There were some excellent efforts by several of you:


Lastly, I am not even going to claim to update this blog on a regular basis. It's intent for me now is to pass on important information and kudos that are longer winded posts than Facebook entries should be. I will however mention blog posts in the Facebook group so everyone will know when I have posted. If you are not in our FB group then request to be added and it will be done.