Congrats Girls


Congrats Girls

Stephanie and Misty completed their on-ramp sessions this Monday and Tuesday. Please welcome them to the regular classes when you see them.

Thanks to all who came to Walker River Resort. It was a fun time with fun people. We'll do it again soon.

One more comment about signing up. Yesterday no one was signed up for 4:30 and 7 appeared. One of these days you're gonna be pissed when you show up and no one is here. Your Bad!

Back to work on July 5th. The Physical Therapist gave me another few movements for my program and said that I was done seeing him. It's amazing what our program does for preparation as well as recovery.

The new schedule will be out soon. Tying up some loose ends then it can be put into the calendar and printed.

The challenge will start following a WOD on Saturday the 9th with a process/nutrition discussion and pictures. It would be most excellent if everyone participating could be here on the 9th. We will be taking the pics that day and I don't want to string out the pics over a lengthy period as we have done in the past.

Friggin computer is messing up again so there won't be any pictures on the blog with any regularity.