Congrats continued


Congrats continued

Now that I have the means to finish the blog post with before and after pictures of our Spring Leaning Challenge I think I'll do that:

Woman's winner:

DSC01522   After2 024

DSC01523 After2 025

DSC01524 After2 026

The Male winner:

DSC01554 DSC01639

DSC01555 DSC01640

DSC01556 DSC01641

There you have it before and after pictures of the winners and proof that it works. But from my perspective all were winners. I saw major changes in all participants both in body change and attitude towards eating. Eating went from and emotional event to a fueling strategy which could be seen in the food logs and discussions before and after workouts. This challenge is truly on of the best things I think we have done for CFCV members since the beginning.

During this challenge, we followed guidelines that Seattle CrossFit uses for their challenges as close as we could. We will do another following the Whole9 Nutrition Workshop on June 9 & 10.

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    Its amazing the after pictures!! Great job to everyone. Its so weird seeing before pictures and after. You think you look good and healthy. Then your hit with your pictures. WOW!!! Amazing. I didnt get to see my before pictures until Monday after the challenge and almost sh.. Didnt relize. I love paleo and I am diffently sticking too it.