To Rachael for attending the Level I cert this past weekend. Sux that you injured your back hope you're feeling better soon.

Lots of stuff going on….

Yesterday I took and passed the new CrossFit Level I Trainer's exam. As Freddy from One World mentioned it is a legitimate test of CrossFit knowledge. It certainly wasn't easy and for those that have to take it by next December, you'd better study.

Penny and I are preparing for our vacation, what a bunch of work. In the process I haven't been in any consistent place to properly feed myself on the Whole30. So yes, I'm out for now. I will still review and comment on the Yahoo group but applying myself while the stuff that's going on right now just isn't in the cards for me. I know some of you are doing a great job at it, hang in there.

We leave Thursday for Fallen Leaf for a reunion of friends I hung out with during and after high school. Should be interesting to say the least. We will be back on Monday evening only to jump on the Harley and head to the northwest for 9 days or so. Only plans are to visit Rusty in the Boise area and my folks in Spokane. And maybe a few CF affiliates along the way.

While we're away, Nicole, Carrie and Rachael will be handling the classes. The schedule has been squared away to the best of my knowledge and the blog as well as the printed schedules should be accurate. In my absence CFCV belongs to the girls. They have blogging rights and have been directed to run things as they see fit-within certain parameters of course. Please assure that you sign up for classes and respect that they have lives outside of CFCV. With that thought in mind, as I am getting ready for our trips I won't be hanging around the gym when I don't have to. ONCE AGAIN IF NO ONE IS SIGNED UP AHEAD OF TIME FOR CLASS TIMES I WON'T BE HERE. This means don't show up 10 minutes before a class time and say is there a _____ class? If you're the only one, the answer is probably no. This goes for when the ladies are here as well.

Those crazies at 6am strike again:


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