Been awhile since she visited but folks should've been OK, except for those that have not shown for awhile.

Nicole feels terrible about not being able to make it for the 2:30 class yesterday. Shit happens and we all have priorities that come up. A big thanks to Mark for picking it up outside, we appreciate it.

Reminder, tomorrow night is on-ramp #1 for November. This will be the last on-ramp until January 3rd and there will be no exceptions. Come watch Miles repeat his nemesis.

Also all day tomorrow we'll be doing the baseline workout for challenge folks. Others will also do the workout but will be mixed in where needed to assure the challengers get their best shot.

Michelle V's article should hit the Record Courier in the morning.

Crossfit 005
Crossfit 007
Crossfit 008

Anyone for a paddle Thursday at Topaz?