Cindy and Helen


Cindy and Helen

This was a day of girl benchmark workouts. To kick it off, Shalene and I took on Cindy and completed 17 rounds a pr for Shalene in a couple of ways and I as well. The improvements had to do with scaling for both of us and increased rounds for Shalene.

Peggy was also by for her regular interval workout to which Abmat situps were added. She is now capable of moving from exercise to exercise with minimal rest, a big improvement from day 1.

Then it was Carrie and newcomer Chris’s turn. After 2 weeks off due to sickness, Carrie came hobbling in with an ankle injury. Broke my heart as I know how she has been Jonesing for a good workout for many days. We put something together to make her seat but I’m not sure it scratched the itch. Chris is a firefighter from the Lake and has been looking at CrossFit for awhile. I thought it fitting for Helen to be his inaugural bench mark workout which he did a good job at.

Next were the Blackfords. Jared was away on business last week and dreaded the return. Not to be one to disappoint, I assigned he and Janeen to their first girl bench mark workout Cindy. Janeen posted a scaled 17 rounds which is definitely impressive. To be fair, Jared was probably not ready for Cindy but gave her his all. I’m thinking a re-acquaintance in a few weeks is in order.

Then it was was Caleb and Seth’s turn to take on Cindy while Claudia repeated cousin Helen. Caleb stepped up for 13 rounds, 4 rounds over his last effort and some decreases in scaling. Seth posted 11 rounds with some scaling but this was his first attempt at one of the girls. Meanwhile Claudia posted a 11:30 Helen with serious improvements in scaling from her last Helen.

All in all, everyone put in a strong effort as they always do and I am impressed with their continued hard work and efforts.