Changing it up


Changing it up

a little bit….

With the close of summer and the beginning of school, CFCV will be resurrecting the 2:30 class effective August 19th. We also will be adding a 3:30 class to the schedule also effective on the 19th. The additional class is meant to entice those that can’t make other classes on the schedule.

Over the past month several of us have been experimenting with OLY programming in addition to the regular CrossFit programming. The way it works is there are 3 days which are special programmed OLY lifts and progressions meant for those who have a special interest in the lifts and/or may want to compete in the future. On the off days of the OLY programming we perform the other workouts that have been programmed for the week. This has proven very successful for those that have participated with regularity and produced some pretty impressive gains in pr’s in the lifts. The really cool thing is benchmark times have not suffered in the process. If you are interested in this program let me know.

Over the past few years CFCV has used the on-ramp program as entry into our regular CrossFit program. It has worked well and in my opinion no box should operate without some kind of entry level program that teaches proper movement before allowing members or prospectives to attend regular classes. While very successful, the on-ramps were a scheduling nightmare, trying to fit them in between regular class times. With the planned changes in the Bootcamp programming to include more weightlifting movements (more on this later) we will be using the Bootcamp program as entry into our regular CrossFit program. This is effective immediately.

The way the system will work is, a potential new member will meet with either myself or any coach to discuss goals etc. (consultation) and be familiarized with our programs. They may elect to come for a Saturday workout, Bootcamp class or special introductory class as agreed upon with the coach. If they are interested in proceeding they will be required to attend at least a month of Bootcamp which will familiarize them with the majority of our movements, while giving them an opportunity to witness the atmosphere of CFCV and learn a little about intensity. When and if (it’s not mandatory) they are interested in transferring to regular CrossFit classes they will attend a short transition program of 2-4 sessions with one of our coaches (who may very well be the same as their Bootcamp coach). This process can be altered for those with prior CrossFit or athletic experience through consult with me.

So why weightlifting in Bootcamp?

There are a great many weightlifting movements that can and should be added to the Bootcamp programming. It’s not that there is a problem with the current program, rather, the dramatic improvements we have seen in our members can be even greater. We are not trying to make weight lifters out of Campers but enhance their experience. The weightlifting we are talking about is movements with a barbell, kettlebell or other object and is subject to the member and the coach’s
discretion concerning how much weight is used. In cases of the member not wanting to use weight, alternative movements will be prescribed. But trust us, there are a ton of misconceptions about becoming bulky, safety etc. that have no merit. The workouts will not all incorporate weightlifting and we will monitor the program closely.

All of the aforementioned changes are a part of CFCV’s evolution. We constantly try to make your experience safe, effective and fun. If we stagnate we die, it’s that simple. As usual comments and concerns are welcome and encouraged!

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