Changing it Up One More Time!


Changing it Up One More Time!

On several occasions in the past 7 years I have used this subject in the heading for a blog post ranging from schedule, prices, programs and the addition of new coaches just to name a few. But his is the grandaddy of all changes! Two days ago Penny and I signed a contract with Chris and Nicolette Begovich, selling the business which is CrossFit Carson Valley to them.

It is very important to realize that the business was transferred to them as is and as far as I know it will remain the same, that is our deal. Of course there will be subtle changes but the name, the location, the website and most importantly the community will remain intact.

A little background-CFCV was founded in 2006 as a garage gym after I became level I certified by CrossFit. My coaches were the OG’s; Greg Glassman, Nicole Carroll, Eva T. and a few others. I pursued the certification in hopes of developing a fire department CrossFit program which we did. I was so passionate about it I had to pass it on to everyone I came into contact with which I guess is pretty typical.

Along the way and 7 years later I have still not lost my passion (hearty F.O. to those who have claimed so), which is why it is time to pass the torch so to speak to others. I believe that Nicolette and Chris will add a positive influence to the community that our family (members) has become. I truly believe this is the right thing to do for several reasons which I had intended to list and discuss but have reconsidered, unless someone wants to engage me in this conversation.

What the future holds from my perspective is some more time to pursue other interests and responsibilities that I have been putting off for the past 7 years. However, training is still one of my passions and I will be staying on as a coach at CFCV albeit on a limited basis. One of my mentors James Fitzgerald told me a few years ago that training more than 6 classes per week makes a coach sub-optimal. For the past 7 years I have averaged 5 per day at least 4 days per week which means I pretty much suck. So I will, for the first time, be coaching much closer to the optimal number of classes. I plan to continue coaching the athlete’s strength and conditioning sessions at least through the start of football season and longer if there is interest as well as regular classes semi-regularly.

The agreement between the Begovich’s and us call for Penny and I to assist with the transition over the next few months and I will aid in whatever is asked of me by them. I will still work with those preparing for the CrossFit Games Open as well as offer to judge as needed for the Open. And of course I will still offer my perspective on timely subjects via the Facebook group for as along as is encouraged.

I guess the bottom line is Penny and I will still be around as long as wanted or needed, but stepping aside to let the community flourish is good for all. We both want to thank all of you for a great opportunity and experience, you have made our lives better a thousand fold! It’s been a great ride, we love you!!

3 Responses

  1. Rach

    I am excited for CrossFit Carson Valley’s new adventure! I will always be grateful for the past experiences and look forward to the new ones in the future. I’m so glad to have been coached by the best! I consider myself privileged to continue coaching along side with the best coaches. Ron and Penny you guys are amazing people with gigantic hearts. I am excited for you and your new developed time to catch up on things. Beg’s, congratulations! I’ve got your back 100%. Lets do this! Oh YEEEEAH!! Love you all!

  2. Adrienne

    Wow, those are some big changes. Ron and Penny, thank you for all you have done for Cross Fit Carson Valley. It had been a great adventure and learning experience for me thru the years. Enjoy the next chapter. Now you can work out more. Haha

    Chris and Nicolette, what an awesome opportunity. I am confident that you guys will kick some serious booty.

  3. Good move, thanks again for all of the help you generously gave to me starting CrossFit Lake Tahoe…remembering when there was only you, then the two of us in the Carson – Reno – Tahoe area. Best to you in new ventures!