Changin it up


Changin it up

As is common at CFCV it is time again to change some stuff up. We’ll start with the resurrection of the on ramp program.

If you recall, I had made a decision to start using the bootcamp program to replace the on ramp and the bootcamp coaches were going to incorporate more of the most common weightlifting movements into their programming.

Two things didn’t work out as well as I expected; some bootcampers don’t necessarily like weightlifting and some potential members don’t like the idea of starting in bootcamp.

So, here’s how the new program will work: Potential new members will attend a 6-8 session on ramp that we will dub Foundations. I am changing the name to facilitate the change in programming that was originally designed by Nicki Violetti from the original Norcal CrossFit. Meaning I want to honor Nicki’s program and not change the content and continue to use the name. The original 12 sessions was excellent but we can get the basics done in 6-8 sessions depending on the knowledge and experience of most potential members. In some cases we will indeed expand the program to 12 sessions.

We will schedule Foundations classes for the beginning of each month (3 sessions per week). We will also start a new class anytime during the month there is interest and groups of 3 are available at a different time frame than 5:30pm. All regularly scheduled and special Foundations classes will be subject to coach availability.

A big part of this change is payment/cost. New members beginning the Foundations program will be required to pay two month’s membership fees up front which is $270.00 ($135.00 per month) before any adjustments. This will cover the cost of the Foundations classes, the remainder of the first month plus a second month.

What we are trying to accomplish is assuring each new member is familiar with basic movements used in CFCV’s programming and to maximize conversion of new members into the regular classes. Of course we will continue the practice of encouraging those bootcampers that wish to come over to the CrossFit program to do so, as well as encourage experienced CrossFitters to join our program following an assessment of their skills.

The first scheduled Foundations class will begin November 5th at 5:30 pm.

We are also going to start the next round of weightlifting on November 4th. I am postponing it from yesterday as we will be incorporating 2 levels, a beginner and intermediate level and both call for 6 days and 5 days respectively of workouts. The difference in the 2 levels is complexity of movements, number movements, reps and percentages. I need to know who is interested and from there I will decide which level each person will participate in. Of course I will listen to your input and desires.

And last but certainly not least, I am very proud of CFCV’s efforts towards raising funds for Barbells for Boobs. As a team we raised $1712.00 for the charity. I believe that is $1100.00 more than last year. It was an awesome experience and uber fun!