You may have noticed that the 1:00 class has been removed from Zen Planner and the sign up sheets-at least the week day classes. This is due to a lack of interest. There have been several days in the past months where no one showed and on a couple of occasions there were sign ups and still no shows (for one person). I will be glad to resurrect this time or even a 12:00 class or even an 11:00 class if there's interest so let me know.

Speaking of Zen Planner, there are only a few members that really use it to sign up online. It also requires the management of 2 calendars which is a pain in the ass. If the majority wants to keep it I will but the cost is around $60.00 per month which I'm not so sure is a good value for us. Let me know your thoughts. and to those that used to attend the 1:00 and have since moved on and want to come back, i will make that time available again.

I'm working at the FD this Thursday which is why there are only 3 classes on that day. I could be persuaded to do a 6am class on Thurs. if there's enough interest.

Saturday my daughter is getting married (not the same one as a few weeks ago) so I have not scheduled any classes. Again if there's interest, maybe Claudia could do a class or I may also be persuaded to do a 9am but no kids class as I have to be done by 10:30 or so.

There are many nuggets to be found on Dutch's site Dutch Lowy be sure to read the comments to his posts and know there are some bad words. He is the real deal and I am attending his seminar in June.

See you mana!

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  1. Buffy

    Even though I use the zen planner I think you should drop it. You don’t need the added cost…….