Changes in the Wind


Changes in the Wind

So it's time to change things up a bit, or actually a lot. Beginning January 1st, entry into our program is going to be different. All will be explained in great detail but the bottom line is people will not enter the program as they have in the past. The changes I have in mind are targeted at delivering a higher level of service to existing members and newbies alike.

The bottom line is to get started at CFCV will REQUIRE a one on one introductory session in which interested parties will get a "taste" of our workouts. The introductory session will be free. Then potential members will be REQUIRED to attend a three session (maybe more depending on ability) foundations program that will not be free-not terribly expensive either. I will set aside time frames for these sessions daily and encourage more than one person to attend up to three for the same price (folks could split the cost).

As stated, these changes will take effect on January 1st and the details explained in the next day or so.

For those of you contemplating resolutions with the new year here is an interesting perspective: Resolution


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  1. claudia

    Awesome article, I wish the “masses” could read this before they head into the globo gym for New Year’s resolutions! Most people are just going to waste another year there. Looking forward to the new format, you know where to find me if you need me.