There's been quite a buzz since my return from the latest OPT module. Some folks are in support of the changes, some not. I've been mulling over what to say publicly about it all as I have a tendency of going off when I shouldn't and pressing send when it should be the delete key, both of which I've done recently.

When James Fitzgerald announced his coaching certification a year ago I was looking into how to make our practice a better one and set my sights on it. Dutch is a proponent of James' as is CJ Martin of CF Invictus and frankly if they are followers that's good enough for me. But I am absolutely impressed with the OPT principles, James's knowledge, experience and passion. So this is the path I am choosing at this juncture and believe me it is in CFCV's members best interest. Know that if it doesn't work out we'll figure something else out. I have been doing this "thing" for long enough to realize that the concepts are constantly evolving and in some cases I have done more harm than good. It is my desire to evolve with the best practices.

With that said, for this programming to work I need your help. As Jim pointed out in a discussion the other day, the rest periods need to be exact. This means that they are not visitation periods and members need to plan their strategy for each portion of the workout and beware of folks that may be following them on the equipment they are using. Members also need to arrive on time ready to go, read the board and do what it says. The workouts with rest periods take longer especially if you do your own thing and visit prior to the workout. The next part is bring the intensity and challenge yourself. If the movement is back squat for example at the end of the set you should know that you worked as hard as you possible could. For this to work you can't always leave something in the tank. This is where knowing your lifts and weights you use is key.

The next discussion point is the concept of training vs. testing. For the training portion of our programming you will see rest periods and movements that are used to improve movements and/or work utilizing different energy systems. There will also be tempos and ranges of reps and sets which some of you are struggling with already. Trust me, it will become more clear as we go on, what is expected and how to complete the workout. As far as testing, these workouts will be much like our old programming and that of other sites you may frequent. As far as the frequency, it will be often enough for you and I to test your improvements and mettle.

What all this means is that we are moving on based on observation, knowledge and experience. If you want on board jump on, if not…… The good news is the next module I am attending is the one where I'll learn to better communicate.

The schedule for March has been released and is as accurate as I know. Rachael will be giving more input on 6am sessions as we go. The on ramp for March is going to run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. Those dates are also reflected in the schedule.

3 Responses

  1. Adrienne

    Really enjoying the new stuff. And I don’t think you have ever done more harm than good. It’s great to be able to participate with an ongoing learning environment. All of this is good stuff and it has been alot of fun. Keep up the good work, Coach
    Heard a quote the other day ” Intelligence leads to knowledge that leads to wisdom.”

  2. M & I

    Coach thanks so much for working so hard to make us better. There’s nothing wrong with challenging us to work hard. I see the results of our hard work and feel great. No pain no gain. I EMBRACE THE PAIN. I can do things I couldn’t do a few months ago. Thanks Again

  3. Nicole Gesselman

    I agree with Adrienne 100%.. I dont think you have done more harm than good. With your ongoing knowledge it is just making us better, stronger athletes/people. Now its just up to the individual to push themselves to that next level EMBRACING THE PAIN….. Love the Quote Adrienne!! Keep it Coach your on the right path.