Change of Pace


Change of Pace

Over the past few weeks CFCV has experienced fluctuations in attendance at both adult and kids classes. These fluctuations have been occurring both in relation to time and numbers of attendees. I continue to wonder what causes these changes and realize the obvious, summer schedules. I there's more to it than that, I hope the members will let me know so I can make the appropriate changes.

The tee-shirt contest is producing some great designs. The outcome will be interesting and be assured I like all of the designs. I anticipate more than one to hit the press.

Over the past week or so we have had some great visitors checking us out. First it was Cary from Indiana and then Josh from Union City. Josh has spent the last 2 days doing the wods at 6:00 and he brought his brother in law, a firefighter from Lake Valley today. Josh is a seasoned CrossFitter from One World which is one of the most legit affiliates I know of not that I have experienced that many. In fact, I have not personally visited an affiliate that was not legit. Enough said.

We have also had some great newbies the last week. Clint, Joanie and Corie are damn near done with their foundations series. You'll be seeing them next wee, I'm sure.

Finally for tonight I hope you are monitoring the blogs and websites I have mentioned in past entries. Dutch Lowy, Robb Wolf, CrossFit Balboa and CrossFit San Francisco have had some apropos entries as of late. These and a few others are ones I visit daily and they are what feeds my knowledge base.

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  1. Josh Clubb

    Ron, THANKS again, brother! Its always a blessing to get into an affiliate gym when out and about…especially one of your calibre. Keep up the great work! Sorry for having to skip out on Thursday. hopefully my brother in law will stick with it (I thought firefighters were supposed to be more in shape than cops)! Kick his rear!