Challenge Results and Other Important Stuff


Challenge Results and Other Important Stuff

A big shout out to the following folks for their first place finishes in the Spring 2013 Challenge:

Veteran Men; Chris Begovich $80.00

Veteran Women; Heidi Cole $140.00

Newbie Women; Teresa Rose $340.00

Newbie Men; Paul Carrion $140.00

I would like to post pictures of all the winners and participants but that probably wouldn’t be appreciated. To be sure all that competed put a tremendous effort towards the challenge, including Nicolette reviewing food logs and Penny putting together all the stats and pictures.

Again the point of the challenge is to make a change in those that participated’s nutritional habits. I’m not naive enough to believe that lots have not returned to eating and drinking¬† as they did prior to the challenge, but hopefully they will have taken a part of this effort forward into their and their family’s life.


Next I’d like to address the USAW¬† Level I Sports Performance Coach’s Certification we have scheduled for June 29th and 30th. Over the past couple of years I have attempted to bring quality outside coaching programs to CFCV. Not because I have a desire to add more coaches but to improve the ones we have AS WELL AS PROVIDE OUTSIDE COACHING TO OUR MEMBERSHIP BY QUALITY COACHES. I get that these classes are expensive but the value is more than worth it. Although I would like our coaches to continue their life long learning via these certs., I really think that others will benefit greatly by attending this USAW class. The coach running the cert has lots of experience in Olympic Weightlifting as both a competitor and coach. We (I) can study and practice but the exposure by someone who has been there done that is invaluable.

I understand that summer schedules are tough and we rescheduled around Fittest of the Sierra and New Kids in the Box. We are now down to crunch time, if we don’t get at least 9 folks registered by Friday the 12th, it’s a done deal. This would mean a second failure at trying to bring this level of training to CFCV. If this happens there won’t be a third.

As I mentioned on Facebook, 2:30 classes have been suspended until school reconvenes. It has been past practice and experience that summer schedules do not support this class. We will reinstate it when school reconvenes.