Challenge, B4B and Other info.


Challenge, B4B and Other info.

Welcome to the 4th week of the challenge. For some this will be the last week because technically it's been 4 weeks since we started. I originally reported the ending date of 10/12 which is still the official end but I know some are heading out hunting etc. the end of this week. Those that are finishing this week should make arrangements with their team leader to have after pics and measurements taken.

The post barbecue will be on Saturday the 13th at 3:00 ish so that we can hold a training session for those unfamiliar with the Grace movements and plan to participate in that event. We will hold the training at noon on Saturday as I must attend the Fallen Firefighters event at 10:00 also on that day.

We will be holding the Amazing Grace event for Barbells for Boobs on Saturday October 20th at 10:00. This year we are doing it in conjunction with CrossFit RAD but the event is registered under CFCV (at least for now). We will scale Grace as needed and for Bootcampers or others who need to learn the movements we will hold a training session on the 13th as mentioned above. I am unsure of the cost but believe at this point each participant must register and can make a donation at that time. I think you also must order your own shirt then as well. Here is a link to the registration page for CFCV.

Last but not least, the month of September saw some huge pr's even though that was not the training focus. Great work everyone and here is the lsit: