CFCV Early Warning System


CFCV Early Warning System

Everyone be forewarned, there is one person signed up for 6am tomorrow and one for 9am. One person has expressed an interest in sometime in the afternoon. We also are having the last on-ramp for the June class tomorrow night at 6:30. SO, if no one is signed up for a particular time in some fashion I can pretty much guarantee I won't be there tomorrow. In addition only one person is signed up for Saturday. As it is my only day off for the 4th holiday I'm not going to hold class for 1 person. We also will not be open on Monday as everyone I've talked to is going somewhere or doing something else. I'm just sayin……

Pics from todays wod:


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  1. kelly

    enjoy your day off you deserve it. We can find some other way to stay out of trouble. You and Penny have a safe and happty 4th.