Catch’n Up


Catch’n Up

This might be a more lengthy entry than usual as my intentions when reporting to duty on Tuesday was to take a rest day. It ended up being a deck of cards kind of day when Matt H. stopped in to see what was up for the WOD. In addition to the normal KB squats, swings, and presses, I added in knees to elbows and ghd situps (alternating) for some added challenge. We also did burpees for the Jokers.

On Wednesday the Costa’s were at station 1for their workout. In addition to 4 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest of KB snatches, box jumps, see saw presses, air squats and K2E/situps, Michelle did Tabata squats and Jeff and I did bottom to bottom Tabata squats.

Back at CFCV today, Peggy did her workout in the morning then the one o’clockers were in for their visit with Fran. Mike R., Mike H., April, and Sarah really worked hard to complete this bench mark workout. At 2:00, Shalene, Denny and I experimented with Robert Budd’s kettlebell workout called kettlebells at 10,000 feet. This is dvd that he produced that has both instructional info in addition tho the workout itself. It’s a good one and is available through E-Bay.

The next victims of Fran were Janeen and Jared. This was the first time for Jared and Janeen made marked improvements. Caleb, Seth and Claudia followed up the day with the kettlebells at 10,000 feet workout.

Today CFCV took delivery of the first T-shirts that have been designed and printed by Wheeler Screen Printing in Gardnerville. They look pretty nice although they are simple.

Another milestone will be turned over this weekend and early next week. I am going to visit my son in Idaho and Shalene and Claudia will be my stand ins for Friday and Saturday’s workouts as well as on Monday while I’m on shift. Although it will be a group effort with all involved, Shalene and Claudia will lead the pack. They also will be attending a Level I CrossFit Certification in a couple of weeks. They have shown a commitment to their advancement by taking their training to the next level and I believe they will make a great addition to CFCV whatever involvement they choose. That’s one of the cool things about what we have going here, everyone is willing to pitch in to make OUR program work and by OUR I mean each member is a part of the whole.