Catching up


Catching up

As Mark says sometimes I'm lazy, which is why I haven't blogged for a long time. It's not that there's nothing to say, just having trouble saying it.

The on-ramp is going well. Teri, Dustin, Linda and Annette got their first taste of the iron Friday night with deadlifts and presses. They did pretty well and weren't as intimidated as some folks are.

The barbell club seems to be fading out. Participation dwindled to one person last week. If there's no interest that's fine but just let me know.

The benefit for Dylan McKenzie is shaping up and will probably be rescheduled for October 16th. The 2nd date is coming just too fast. Nicole and Lisa are doing the lion's share of the planning for the event so if you have any ideas let them know.

Jody had asked last week about adding a 3:30 class. I told her I would if there was enough interest. I have no intentions of changing the 2:30 to 3:30 as there are several folks who the 2:30 works best for. The only way I will entertain adding a 3:30 is if there are at least 5 people that are willing to commit to that time. The 3:30 time slot is currently when we as trainers plan to do our thing together and I don't want to give that up unless we have firm commitments from several people.

I plan on having a booth at the education foundation event on 10/10. I haven't planned on having a "team" to compete in the 5K/10K gig that I was approached about. We have several folks competing the day before in the Tough Mudder with Mark and I don't believe it's wise to do both.

Congratulations to Mark and Sarah on the birth of their daughter. Exciting news!

I am in the process of studying how to incorporate Kelly Starrett's mobility WODs into our programming. As soon as I figure it out, I'll let you know.

The buzz in the CrossFit world is the new testing requirement and how it will affect affiliates. Seeing the writing on the wall I took the test during the Reno cert a couple of months ago. It's not an easy test but I passed with flying colors so it's really not an issue for CFCV. But those affiliates that haven't taken and passed the test will no longer meet the requirements to be a CrossFit affiliate. I wonder what those non affiliated gyms that "do CrossFit" but can't call it that will do?

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  1. Nicole Gesselman

    I have to say sorry Ron and everyone else who reads the blog for being lazy too on blogging. Ron like I said before I dont know how you and Penny do it. You both are awesome!! Thanks. I love the barbell classes when I can make it.(HAHA) It is a really good time to work on my form. Please if anybody has ideas on the fundraiser let us know. Sheri has also been a big part of helping us also. Congrts to Mark and Sarah on the new little girl. I cant wait to hear about her!!

  2. Michelle

    Hey Ron, 3:30 class sounds good to me! That time would work great for me, but as you know, I cannot commit to any one time with my lovely job 🙁 but at least I could make a good portion of them. If that fundraiser is on Oct 10th I probably won’t be able to make it. I’m so old that I am now a founding player for SCU soccer team (30 years God help me) and they are having a big celebration and honoring of the first intercollegiate team that weekend down in the bay area so I probably should attend that. Thanks for everything!