Catch Up


Catch Up

Another 2 day blog entry. Seems like things get busy when I'm in the gym training and I have a hard time setting aside the time to blog. Then there's the days at the station when there's not much to say….

Yesterday the majority had their way with Cindy. There were impressive efforts such as Ryan's 21 rounds, Mark's 20 and Janeen's kipping pullups throughout the whole 20 minutes. I think Claudia's negative pullups are getting the best of her today. Many others worked it and made headway in the improvement category though I don't have the numbers with me. Everyone who enters the facility can see the results on the board. Since Penny and Kendall did Cindy on Tuesday they had the pleasure of 150 wall balls for time (Karen) instead.

Today everyone had a triple helping of triplets. We worked in some basic moves and learned some new ones. Everyone worked hard including Amy who was giving us a try.

The painters are in the new building hopefully they'll be done tomorrow and we can start the floor project.

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  1. claudia

    Everything got the best of me this week, so much so that I am actually taking tomorrow off, so that’s a 3 day rest instead of 2, haven’t done that for awhile!!