Catch Up


Catch Up

Been un-ordinarily busy the last few days and haven't had a chance to post, so here it is, the latest and greatest.

Zen Planner- By now most of the members of CFCV should have received an e-mail with a password that is assigned by the company (Zen Planner not me) for access into the schedule. I have also added the ability to remove a reservation (that's what they call a sign up) recently, so if you've tried to cancel a reservation and it didn't work, try again. It also will not let you cancel on the same day so please call, if no one's at the gym leave a message or call me on my cell. There is still a difference between the schedule that the link on the blog takes you to and the real deal. The company now says they won't be able to make the appropriate changes until next month so I probably will just put a new members link that will take you to the login page and then put the Google calendar back up. Let me know what you think of the new system!!

CF Kids- The first month is over and attendance is spotty. According to reports by the parents, the kids that have attended love the program. I certainly want to continue the program and need some input regarding the schedule and what is going to work for the spring/summer months. From this point forward all participants will need to pay per the schedule posted on the price tab of the CFCV website. We also have waivers/releases that need to be signed by the parents of all kids attending.

Membership fees- I realize that times are tough and as such I do not plan to raise the rates at this point, but I need your help. You all know when your fees are due and most are really good about paying. I really hate to even bring this up now or ever so please, if you owe, buck up. Our continued operation relies on being able to pay the bills and I will not mortgage everything just to stay open. We are viable as long as everyone does their part. Enough said…………

So what does everyone think of the new bonded carpeting??? It sure beats lying on those stall mats but one thing I noticed during TGU's today is that the carpeting still produces rug burns 🙁

I need to know who's still in on the burpee challenge as it's time to order t-shirts. We're almost there, the hard part is just around the corner……

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  1. claudia

    I know you said it is the Zen’s planner job to email us but I still haven’t gotten one, so no password either. Thanks