Catch Up


Catch Up

Seems like I spend a large amount of time trying to catch up with posting on this blog. just like workouts, there so much I would like to do and say here but having a full time job and a full time passion for CFCV its hard to fit it all in. I don’t see how the Robb Wolf’s of the world do it.

We’ve had so much going on lately with foundations classes, intro classes and the regularly scheduled ones but its great. I think I can say that the foundations series is paying off from the standpoint that people are entering classes with a good amount of basic moves under their belt so they can concentrate more on form than learning the move itself. Remember its consistency in movement before intensity.

There have been some good comments from the Paleo clip that was included on the last post. So here’s the other one that Mark sent

Interesting stuff eh?
Over the past couple of days we had some good workouts. The first:

Crossfit 113

Then Yesterday we gave Art of Strength’s Firepower a go. We had a visiting trainer from CrossFit Las Vegas join us-Anne-Marie. What a legit gal! Hopefully she will chime in with a comment on her experiences even though it was a short lived visit. I was contacted by another trainer from Idaho that may be joining us on Saturday and Monday.

 Crossfit 118

I’d like to recognize new members TJ, Cindy, Stacey, Jen and Sandi for all their efforts during the foundations classes and their transition into regular classes. Then there’s Michelle, Anna and Sarah which have one more foundations session before they will be able to attend regular classes.

More on the Kids program next post….