Catch up


Catch up

So as ya'll know its been several days since I posted anything of meaning. In that time, lots of good stuff has been going on.

Penny and I set up a booth at NuSystems' Family Safety Fair last Saturday. It was a good, hot July day and I want to thank Jared and crew fro the opportunity. I got to see quite a few of the original CFCV members that I have been missing. Over the past few months we have seen alot of them depart and I want them all to know they are always welcome. In fact many of the class times we used to have were because of their participation. I would be willing to resurrect the 1:00 or even a 12 or 11:30 class or whatever if it would make it easier for them to come back.

I know I keep beating this dog, but Sunday at Fernley MX track I was able to ride full practices without stopping which is a first for me.

Monday CFCV had the pleasure of an out of town visitor from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Unfortunately I wasn't around (duty day) but Claudia handled classes and introduction of Conrad to the gym. Thanks Conrad and Claudia.

On the 16th of August at a location to be announced at the lake, CFCV, CrossFit So Lake Tahoe and CrossFit Lake Tahoe will be having a barbecue, Hoover Ball tournament and probably a WOD. I will put a sign up sheet on the counter to see who's interested.

The CFCV wrist bands are here along with the CFCV Kids bands. If you haven't got yours or you need additional ones let me know. This brings on the subject of t-shirts. Everyone wants some and I will place an order soon, once we figure out a logo design. We plan on having a logo design contest where everyone who wants to participate submits a design and all the members vote. The winning design will receive a free month membership and a couple of shirts. What do you think?

I have lots more, but will save it for tomorrow's post.

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  1. Lola

    Ron, I love the wrist bands!! I am wearing mine right now. Its a great accessory to my work-out clothes and my every day wear. Plus I look more like a bad- ass when I wear it and thats whats more important! Great idea!!! Lola

  2. Lola

    Too funny! The best with my hot weather clothes! lol Great workout Saturday, I am sore this morning!! Lola