Bring on the Bells


Bring on the Bells

As promised to the level 2 folks yesterday, today was all about kettlebell workouts. The level oners did a modified Elevation II workout from AOS and the level twoers did a special workout of kettlebell moves and a serious core exercise.

As is usually the case, Shalene and I were the guinea pigs and did the level 2 workout at 9:00. Mike H. was the sole participant in the 1:00  level I workout. Then it was Dan, Nicole and first timer Lindsey at 3:00. Dan did a modified level I, (red arrows in picture) and Nicole and Lindsey did 3 rounds of the level I workout.

The Janeen was the 4:00 and she did deadlifts 5,5,5,5,5. She has been waiting a long time for this workout and she has made significant gains in her DL strength and technique.

The it was all about the 5:00 level 2 crew. Today we had a guest, Chris A. from SLT fire and the EOM of East Fork, Lisa. Actually, Lisa has been around since the beginning but has issues making it to workouts regularly (not necessarily her fault?) News for her was, show up at 5:00 and you get the level 2. She actually did a great job as did everyone else.