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CrossFit Carson Valley Bootcamp is a non-traditional way to get in shape and feel great! We believe that constantly varied high intensity workouts will achieve the best results for your overall fitness. Our functional fitness program is effective and can be scaled to all fitness levels. The workouts are different every day. We incorporate kettlebells, tire flips, medicine balls, body-weight exercises, running, rowing and more into our high intensity training program. CFCV athletes can achieve improved stamina, endurance and strength resulting in a lean, toned body. We also provide meal plans, recipes and nutritional coaching. We recommend that all members log their daily food intake each day. We also take before and after photos and keep track of your weight and body measurements. We will put you through a fun, intense 45-60 minute workout to help you achieve your goals.

The CrossFit Carson Valley Bootcamp also serves as the entry point into our regular CrossFit Program. After gaining a month’s experience through the Bootcamp, members may transfer to the regular program if they wish following a short transition program.

For more information contact either the gym 775-782-0190 or Nicolette Begovich 775-690-3284

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