Birthday Eve


Birthday Eve

So I figured it fitting to do a great AAW workout today as I will not be able to administer filthy fifty sixes tomorrow. We lifted 20,000# from the floor overhead and rowed 10,000m per team of three today. It was fun and challenging to say the least.

The 4:00 class however got to meet our friend Helen and all did well by her. Welcome Cherie.

I will be missing the workouts tomorrow as we will have a booth at the Nu-Systems Family Safety Day I think they're calling it. If you've been watching this blog and are not yet a member, come talk to us tomorrow. If you are a member, come see what the rest of the booths have to offer after Claudia gets done with you.

Had a member ask what the CrossFit games were today. This is probably the best account I have seen. Read it here

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  1. claudia

    Awesome article from Bob on CrossFit. Have a great birthday Ron, I will stop by and see you at NuSystems, and I know we don’t say it enough but we (me) really appreciate all the time and sacrifices you give to your passion of coaching and running CrossFit. I am not the same woman I was 18 months ago, I bought my first bikini last month, who would have thought I’d do that at age 41.

  2. claudia

    By the way, that workout today was kick ass! Both my shoulders are killing me tonight…..Denny you are a rock star!

  3. Stacey

    That article’s a keeper. Says it all. Great WOD today! Hard, hard, hard but so worth it. Happy Birthday, Ron! I’ll drop your present off tomorrow morning. Betcha already know what it is…