Big Thanks


Big Thanks

Here where we are, coming up on a year out of the garage with more members than I thought we would ever have. A big thanks goes out to those that have stuck with us and those that are just beginning.

Yesterday's sit ups and back extensions set us up for today's box jumps, snatches, push presses and swings:


I think Sherry from Washington, Robbie and the other newbies are feeling the love of CFCV.

There were some additional  Fran efforts yesterday as well: Denny 3:38, Ryan 3:26 and Mark 3:40. Tomorrow, we'll see what Rob's got.

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  1. Caleb

    Wow! A year out of the garage, I can’t believe it. It’s fun to see so many new faces too. Thanks again to Ron for a year+ of CFCV.