Bells at Stations 1,14,7 and 12


Bells at Stations 1,14,7 and 12

First shift with the new assignments, traders and overtime s___s. Thought a challenging kettlebell workout mixed with other movements were appropriate. So all stations except the losers at 4 did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 burpees, 10 KB snatches, 15 squats (air or otherwise), 20 KB swings. At station 1, Roby and I did air squats to the medicine ball 20 kg snatches and 20 kg one handed swings. I switched to the 16 kg for one handed swings after round 4. Most personnel did 6-8 rounds and some of the weights and types of swings and squats were different. Roby and I completed 7 rounds as mentioned.

Below is another link I thought would be interesting for those with weightlifting interests.

If your athletes life depended on getting in top-shape in record time what would be the most important thing you would do?"

Mark Rippetoe;

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  1. TRACY

    With a mixed crew, Costa, Trute and Myself at station 12, we took the workout on. A good Crossfit warm up, 20, 16kg bells for Costa and I, 12kg for Trute, and good effort by all made this a solid workout for us…. THANKS