Barbells for Boobs


Barbells for Boobs

This is the second post for today, if you're looking for the WOD teaser look below.

I wanted to post a summary of the B4B event at CFCV with the video that was made via our camera. Shane from CF RAD already posted his and I posted a video made from still pictures on the FB page. Below there are 2 15 min segments are raw footage VIMEO conversions from my camera. The quality is somewhat shitty because of the process but I still think they're cool. As you watch them, notice some of the things you could do better.

But before the vids a little rant…..

As many of you have experienced, I prefer performing Grace with full cleans. There is credible debate on both sides of the issue of ground to overhead vs. full cleans. I emailed Greg Glassman inquiring his original intent but have not received a response.

The trend of Grace with full cleans is expanding and I first heard of it and considered it a good idea from some influential CF folks. I have since got a better understanding of some of the downsides such as a lame first and second pull as well as never really doing a third pull. True dat, but what of the increased work that CF is so famous for? ie; American Swings vs Russian swings.

Anyway, rant over and I'm very proud of each and every person that performed either form of Grace at CFCV regardless of where you train. It was truly a fun day for a good cause. Our efforts have netted $1185.00 towards the benefit and you can go here to see our page and who donated and their amounts.


Here are the videos:

b4b1 from Ron Haskins on Vimeo.


b4b2 from Ron Haskins on Vimeo.