Back in Town


Back in Town

After a great weekend learning lots from true pros in the Oly lifting circle we returned to CFCV. The workout for today was tough as expected and some of the info from the weekend came in very handy. It's incredible how much one can learn in hands on experience over books and dvd's. I've been sytudying Greg Everett's new book and dvd on Oly Lifting for a month or so in preparation for last weekend but the hands on was simply an incredible experience. Not only were Coches Everett and Anaya great but so were Robb Wolf and the other firefighters that were in my group. Not to mention Ed, even though he is a cop. All in all a great experience and now to put it in practice.

I want to get one thing straight, several people have offered their help in doing whatever they can to help in the move to the new CFCV. I appreciate your offers and will take you up on it however I can. I get the feeling you guys don't think I want your help but that is NOT THE CASE. What is happening is there are classes scheduled and Penny and I will be working to get things done as time permits between those classes. You guys have jobs and family lives and I can't expect you to abandon them to help me do stuff at my leisure. My job is to provide you with the best facility and training I am capable of and I intend to deliver. When I need your help and the time is appropriate, I'll ask, I promise. But I don't want to bother you while you are working as that should be your focus.

That said, I am hoping to build the pullup structure tomorrow during the day and maybe start moving stall mats after the 5:15 tomorrow night. Beer's on me!

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  1. Caleb

    Curses to you and your “1” leg blaster!! I graduated from Douglas High so I know that 70 is not = to 1. After yesterdays workout I’m wishing my office was not on the 2nd floor, or that we had an elevator.
    See you this afternoon for more fun.

  2. Seth Blackford

    I enjoy the new joint mobility warm-up you have begun using. It really seems to lube the arms and legs and spine.
    I also enjoy the work with the dowels on the OHS and squatting in general. It gets me more comfortable with the idea of putting weight over my head.