Back In the Saddle


Back In the Saddle

On many levels……

Ribs are doing much better, did the last 2 days wods at the station. Still not able to sprint and going overhead is sketchy, but cleans at lighter than normal weights and back squats are doable along with our fav burpees.

Now that the summer season for me and my outside interests are almost over, time to redirect more energy into CFCV., starting with the Douglas county employees health fair tomorrow at the CVI. I have to wonder what kind and how many do we get from health fairs and other public events? CrossFit is hard, no doubt but it doesn't end there. Working out even with our wods X-times per week does not necessarily equal weight loss or health and fitness. It takes more than that and I have seen more folks at these health fairs looking for the easy way out. I don't want anyone to think CFCV is that route.

I'd like to think that CFCV is so much more than your "weight loss" solution. It's about community, it's about learning about health, nutrition and fitness for you and your family from peers, it's about being coached by folks who care about your goals and abilities, it's about being surrounded by like thinking people and finally about working out sensibly with goal oriented programming. So, question is how do we convey that, especially in a room full of (not all) people looking for a cheap/short workout?

For you Tough Mudders…… I think you should stay away from CFCV Thursday and Friday. Have fun and I know you'll represent well. For the rest of you, sign ups will be critical for those 2 days. I have a hankering to paddle and if you are not signed up, I won't be there. OOPS this applies to next Thursday and Friday. Sign ups are still important though.

The next on-ramp will start on the 11th of October. This date will coincide with the next health fair on 10/10. Although folks are encouraged to compete in either the 5k or 10k I have decided not to entertain the idea of fielding a team for their "competition" for obvious reasons.

I understand that Dallas and Melissa will be at Battleborn on October 10th. You can sign up here.

That's about it for this version of catch up….