Back in the Saddle


Back in the Saddle

Returned from SoCal early yesterday with just enough time to build four sets of paralettes. And since we had them I thought today would be the perfect time to use them. Having covered L sits among many other movements at the gymnastics cert this past week I shared the experience with the CFCV  folks that showed. Prior to last week, I thought I knew how to do them right, boy was I mistaken. Enough said.

All in all the day was a lot like others, everyone worked their butts off on the workout and responded well to the new found information. Going to these certs is simply amazing in that it is astounding at what I learn. I have read several threads on the CrossFit main site where people talk about how high priced the certs are and how just going to an affiliate will cure all their curiosities about how to do the moves correctly. I just wonder how these folks believe trainers get this information. To me its simple, keep learning by attending certs, classes and researching new information. If you ever think you have a handle on all the info available, start the process over. This view was confirmed by Coach Jeff Martin, one of the owners and head Coach of CrossFit Kids and BrandX Martial Arts. To me his view counts as I gained a ton of respect for he his wife and his crew.

I look forward to incorporating the concepts I learned from both certs into our operation. I hope to become a CrossFit Kids affiliate and will be adding gymnastics concepts into our programming little by little as the proper equipment is procured to apply them safely and effectively.

I could go on and on but this is probably a good place to stop.