Back in the Saddle


Back in the Saddle

After two glorious days on duty, CFCV was back in business today. After spending the morning on improvements, little as they may be, the one o’clockers returned. Sara has returned from her cruise and was eager to get back to it. Barb and April also were ready to get after it and they did. April even shed her gloves-will it last? The level 1 workout was enough to get them warmed up for the rest of the week.

Janeen and Jared were here at 4:00 even though they admittedly thought about skipping it. They both put in a respectable effort.

Then it was Caleb, Claudia, Shalene and Seth for a fight gone bad style workout. Shalene reminded me of one missing element the 1 minute rest between rounds. My bad!



Caleb flippin it:Dsc01329

Claudia Cleanin it:Dsc01330

Shalene thrustin it:Dsc01331

Shalene jumpin on it (the low one) and Claudia swingin it:Dsc01333

Dsc01334 Seth Flippin it

Dsc01335 Caleb Wearin it!

CFCV t-shirt of course!

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  1. Seth Blackford

    These are great pics. This was a great workout to welcome us back from our two day rest.