Back in the Gym


Back in the Gym

Following a couple of days on duty at the FD, I was back at CFCV today for a great day. I guess I expected more participation over the past couple of weeks than is typical or realistic. This is testament to my learning curve. The positive thing is those that had gone missing are trickling back. It was good to see Jared, Joanne, Jason, Ryan, Teddy and others back at it. Some had a tough time, pr's were there but once again, the standout was Kathy R. She knocked nearly 5:00 off of her 5000m row from October. Then there was Teddy that pulled off an RX'd workout for which he is very proud.

Rhino delivered the sled which is surly sweet, should be some good times with it!

Kelly, Lola and Mike rocked their first CrossFit total under the new program which allows for more attention by me and hopefully success on the part of the participants.

Karen was experinced by Buffy and Kara and the rest got to do the true dincam Michael:


Today was burpee Challenge day 6-tomorrow its 7