Back in the Gym


Back in the Gym

Last week was the first week of the 5 day program although the holiday made for a short week. This week things are pretty much how they will run in the future with Shalene and Claudia covering the coaching for the 2 days I'm off on shift. This week it was Monday and Tuesday and on the 48/96 firefighter schedule next days on duty are Sunday & Monday. Since Sunday is now a dark day, Monday will be covered (I hope) by Shalene and Claudia. I think the programming is working pretty well with 3 metcons, a strength day and a skill/drill day. Any comments would be appreciated.

With that, Monday and Tuesday Shalene & Claudia picked some particularly brutal workouts (actually I put them on the board) with which to work both levels. This was the first occasion (Monday) for level oners to perform the deck of cards workout. I know its hard to believe for some that this version was relatively easy, but all reportedly worked their butts off and gave it their best.

Level twoers also got a typical deck of cards of a tougher nature, followed on Tuesday with a mainly kettlebell 300. The level one folks got to work on some kettlebell skills in the form of a metcon on Tuesday.



That brings us to today's effort. First thing, Roby, Shalene, Denny and I started things off with 10…1 reps of deadlifts and bench presses. The one o'clock crew of Sarah, her husband (observer today) and MIke followed suit with more of the same. Then Janeen, Jared, Nicole and Rachael did the same workout at 4:00. Another of NuSystem's employees Dan gave CFCV a try today at 4:00. He learned jsut how hard the warmup can be.

AT 5:00, Caleb, Seth, Claudia and Brad also played with deadlifts and bench presses. All in all it was a good strength day and for many their first exposure at doing bench presses the Rippetoe way.