Back From the Games


Back From the Games

And boy were they inspirational. I guess we can equate the level of the athletes to those that are pros in their respective sport, but having little experience with some of the workout moves I am still in awe.

The most important thing that the games delivered for me is a solution to an issue I've been trying to figure out for quite awhile. How to take this training, business, whatever to the next level. Which I envision as providing the tools to take care of ourselves. Sure I can deliver an AAW with the best or programming that accomplishes my goals but what about management of our bodies for continued workouts and quality of life.

I ran across Jeff Alexander from Network Fitness at the games. Jeff is a CrossFit certified trainer and more importantly a practitioner in Self Myofascial Release. He offers a workshop to teach us how to perform that which he practices using implements that you will see around CFCV in the future. Not only does the workshop teach us how to use the equipment but more importantly when we can fix issues on our own or require the help of other individuals such as Stacey for her services.

I have contacted Jeff and set up Sept 12th as a day to offer the workshop. He is offering the option of a 2 day workshop that includes the coaching level of SMR which teaches both the coaching cues and the proper body position recognition.

This is where you come in, I need commitments from those that are sincerely interested. The cost will be in the neighborhood of $100.00 per person for the 1 day workshop and obviously more for the 2 day if we do it. You will receive the ball which costs $25.00  to help you with the therapies as well as a guide to performing the techniques. Here is a link to Jeff's site for more information link. By all means please cruise the whole site but for the specifics for our purposes click the link for CrossFitters click here and then the  links under the heading. By all means view the videos and then download the workshop handout that is listed under CrossFitter forms.

On a seperate note, all that showed today worked our butts off. But the true heroes were Marcus and Madison who were the only kids that showed for CrossFit Kids. What is notable is they did their first "kids style" fight gone bad which included a couple of new and complex moves. Here they are with their most excellent accomplishments:

Nice work!!!

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  1. Those Crossfit kids work just as hard as the adults. Good Job Marcus and Maddie. You Rock!!
    Ron, count me in for the Sept 12 seminar. I need to take care of my tissue. Thanks for all you do. Adrienne